Sunday, July 1, 2007

Friday Four

OK, I know it's not Friday but I have severe blogger's block and so....

Thanks Toni for the idea!

Four great things in the past week:

1) My first open house for the DITY Beads business was a smashing success! (I even got a congratulatory e-mail from one of the big bosses!)

2) My parents are here visiting and watching out for DV. (I love to have time to catch up with them!)

3) IV and I have had more time to hang out and catch up due to #2. (I love my husband!)

4) I have had more time to blog- watch movies- read- and generally veg out due to #2 and the forced rest imposed by my tooth removal. (But, that'll all be over soon!)

Thanks Mom and Dad and thanks IV for all of your support!


Toni said...

Why didn't I see this sooner??? I should pay better attention! Great list- Glad you and IV are having some time together. Are you feeling better??

Queen Heather said...

Can you send your parents over here when they are done there please?

Toni said...

I e-mailed you! :)