Monday, April 30, 2007

Exercise as a journey to....

I have been exercising every day for a long time (if you consider chasing an almost two year old and walking somewhere with the stroller to be exercise.) But, when I visited my doctor a month ago he said, "you need to lose 20 pounds!" Ugh!

For some reason I decided to listen to his advice (uncommon.) So I signed up at a gym that offers $10 a month plus no contract. That was the major attraction for me.

So now I get up at 5 am 3 days a week and go to the gym to do cardio for 45 minutes and then lift weights for about 30 minutes. Sometimes I think this is great- as we don't have cable and the gym does so I can watch HGTV or USA there....

But, the real question is do I have to do this forever? I mean, how long can I sustain getting up at 5 am? And sweating??? And, where am I going with this?

Time for reflection- on the meaning of exercise!

Sunday, April 29, 2007

HUNTING!!!! (for bargains)

Sometimes I get into a mood... and I just feel like HUNTING! I have this great urge to go out and get something, beat someone out, win... Well, what satisfies that craving? Bargain hunting!!! I just love finding a bargain- especially if it is a really good one and I have been looking all over- and it's a one time thing.

I have noticed that recently DV has been very fussy in his oh so convenient umbrella stroller. I just took a good look at the thing and realized that he is really at the upper end of its usefulness. It's one of those cheapos (we actually got it for free!)

So, I have been really wanting to purchase another umbrella stroller- but one with a seat as large and comfortable as his jogging stroller. I found one that met all my qualifications and decided to see if I could find a 2006 (since they just came out with the 2007) at a bargain price.

Well, I started on the internet- I did find a good deal on a 2006 in lime green ($93) but I was really looking for $60-70 range. So I went to Babys R Us and tried out the 2007 (great!). I actually think it's worth the price.

But, I kept looking. And, I found.... a floor model 2006!!! Which was marked $79.90, then I got 20% off because it was a floor model. It was only $63.92, under $70 WITH TAX!!!!

So I am feeling totally victorious, although it is missing its carry strap.

Hooray for the great mommy hunter!!!

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Friday, April 27, 2007

I finally did it (almost)

Independent Variable (dear husband) has been trying to get me to apply to adjunct at the university where he is employed forever... or at least as long as we have lived here. I have been totally avoiding the commitment. I am just really enjoying staying at home with Dependent Variable (dear son) and I haven't wanted to branch out.

Well, the call of money is finally heard by me! I actually filled out the whole application today- now all that I need to do is send for some transcripts and letters. Hopefully, I will actually get a position for the fall.

My first time!

Under the influence of some of my playgroup friends I have decided to start my very own blog. We'll have to see how it goes... but I think it should be fun. This is my VERY FIRST post in a blog (other than a comment) so.... You'll always remember your first time!