Monday, April 30, 2007

Exercise as a journey to....

I have been exercising every day for a long time (if you consider chasing an almost two year old and walking somewhere with the stroller to be exercise.) But, when I visited my doctor a month ago he said, "you need to lose 20 pounds!" Ugh!

For some reason I decided to listen to his advice (uncommon.) So I signed up at a gym that offers $10 a month plus no contract. That was the major attraction for me.

So now I get up at 5 am 3 days a week and go to the gym to do cardio for 45 minutes and then lift weights for about 30 minutes. Sometimes I think this is great- as we don't have cable and the gym does so I can watch HGTV or USA there....

But, the real question is do I have to do this forever? I mean, how long can I sustain getting up at 5 am? And sweating??? And, where am I going with this?

Time for reflection- on the meaning of exercise!


Aldara said...

Hey I happened to see on the forum you had a blog so I decided to stop by and visit! I hope you get the position and great job on the bargain!!!!!

Tollett girls said...

You sound like me, except you are actually getting up early to do it! I just think it would be a good idea, but don't see me doing it long term so what is the point!!! In other words I am just lazy! Cheers to your determination, however long it may last!