Sunday, April 29, 2007

HUNTING!!!! (for bargains)

Sometimes I get into a mood... and I just feel like HUNTING! I have this great urge to go out and get something, beat someone out, win... Well, what satisfies that craving? Bargain hunting!!! I just love finding a bargain- especially if it is a really good one and I have been looking all over- and it's a one time thing.

I have noticed that recently DV has been very fussy in his oh so convenient umbrella stroller. I just took a good look at the thing and realized that he is really at the upper end of its usefulness. It's one of those cheapos (we actually got it for free!)

So, I have been really wanting to purchase another umbrella stroller- but one with a seat as large and comfortable as his jogging stroller. I found one that met all my qualifications and decided to see if I could find a 2006 (since they just came out with the 2007) at a bargain price.

Well, I started on the internet- I did find a good deal on a 2006 in lime green ($93) but I was really looking for $60-70 range. So I went to Babys R Us and tried out the 2007 (great!). I actually think it's worth the price.

But, I kept looking. And, I found.... a floor model 2006!!! Which was marked $79.90, then I got 20% off because it was a floor model. It was only $63.92, under $70 WITH TAX!!!!

So I am feeling totally victorious, although it is missing its carry strap.

Hooray for the great mommy hunter!!!


Queen Heather said...

I lurves a good bargain too!

smitts said...

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