Saturday, June 30, 2007

Please direct your prayers and sympathy to WHYMOMMY

I recently discovered this new blog Toddler Planet.

WHYMOMMY has just been diagnosed with breast cancer- and she has to quit breastfeeding her baby to get treatment. Plus, all that other hard stuff that goes along.

She is looking for POSITIVE comments and prayers.

WHYMOMMY I am sending you both- and I am hoping my readers will hop on over there and do the same.

Toddler Planet


whymommy said...

You are so sweet. Thank you. Thank you! It's so fun to find your blog too -- I love your description over there on the right.

I think we'd be friends.

canape said...

It sounds like you guys would be friends indeed. And I would sit around smiling and nodding a lot.

Thanks for the add, Jennie!

Toni said...

You got it! ♥