Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Avalanche Ranch!!!!

This week I am volunteering at Vacation Bible School for my church every morning. Our theme this year is, "Avalanche Ranch." I signed up late-very late- because I didn't know how DV would take to being left in the nursery.

On the first day he really didn't appreciate it (he was in a FOUL mood anyway) so I carried him with me for half the morning. But, yesterday I left him there all morning.

I think he enjoys the teenage volunteers- I have peeked in to see them carrying him around the room on their hips. Yep, this is what he likes at home too. Plus, he is quite fond of girls anyway....

I am having a lot of fun doing something adult (even though it involves working with 100s of kids) while I know DV is well cared for.

Just yesterday the director asked me to consider religious education in the fall- how about 8th grade confirmation??

You know, I think I just might do it!!!


Megan (Velveteen Mind) said...

"...quite fond of girls."

That'll get 'em every time. New girl attention.

I think it would be fascinating to lead 8th grade confirmation. Let us know if you do it!

BTW, I posted a Wordless Wednesday sneak peak of my Mary Garden today. Check it out, I'm so excited about it. I'm hoping to finish it this week so I can post a Makeover Monday post about it. Just need to focus...

Queen Heather said...

Cool beans! That's exciting! Isn't it neat how things just come together like that?

Toni said...

Good for you! Too often we forget about ourselves because we are so wrapped up in the kids!