Thursday, June 7, 2007

Bad Tree!

So yesterday was a busy day.... and there was this tree.... I swear it was in the middle of the driveway!!!

Sigh.... I bet you can guess what happened. I backed into a tree! And, not only did I bust the brake/tail light I also made a (small) dent in the side of our car.

The tree wasn't in my driveway, at least...

I had just taken DV to his kindergym class and had to run home for a picture for the local newspaper (my neighborhood association) so I parked in a neighbor's driveway. I think I should have observed the tree (actually just a little in the drive, a thin pine) while I was going into the long drive forward- but I was in a hurry.

Then, it took a long time for the photo to be taken- actually, I left before the interviewer did- and I was hurrying out to pick up IV at work. Well, the neighbor's driveway is long and sloped down but without a place to turn the car around.

I had my foot on the brake backing down and I was turned around- but obviously I missed something because all of a sudden.... CRUNCH!!!! I didn't even stop to take a look at the car but just glanced at the tree and continued on my merry way. Yes, it was that kind of day.

I get to IV's work to pick him up and go out to check the car- hoping that the crunch was all in my imagination- and I find a broken out light AND a dent... and bark.....

Sigh....... if only Explorers were made for people who are only ~5'3" (can I blame it on the car??)


Toni said...

Yes, you CAN blame it on the car or the tree! I would!

One Tired Mom said...

I blame the tree!! How dare it jump behind you like that!

Amanda said...

Oh what a bummer!I love that you just kept driving after the crunch. Some days are like that.