Saturday, July 7, 2007

My anniversary gift!

IV and I are about to celebrate our 3rd wedding anniversary, five years from our first date, seven years that we've known each other. Our wedding anniversary falls on July 10th and DV's birthday is July 12. July 12 is also the anniversary of our first date.

I was in the hospital for our first anniversary due to IV's impending and early arrival.

For our second anniversary, we went to the Antiques Roadshow and IV bought me a fancy purse that I had been coveting for a whole year.

This year IV really won a lot of points!!!! I have been wanting the Butterfly Meadow pattern of china ever since some friends of ours registered for it- right when we started dating.

IV bought me some!!!!! A six place setting set which includes 6 dinner plats, 6 accent plates and 6 mugs. This morning I have been rearranging our cabinets in order to store it.

The only problem is, now I want everything you see in the photo above.... and even if we could afford it we don't have anywhere to keep it!!!

Thanks for being such a great friend, husband, and everything else IV! I love you!


Toni said...

What a great hubby! I love the pattern! I hadn't seen it before!

Happy Anniversary!

Jennifer aka Binky Bitch said...

Wow! What a great gift!

Happy Anniversary!

Queen Heather said...

What a great gift!