Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Celebrate Our Freedom

I was going to write an original post here, but then I came across the following at Some Gave All, and decided to just post this- it's more eloquent than whatever I might write.

We often hear this term: Freedom isn't Free. But, what does that really mean and if Freedom isn't Free, then what is the cost and who pays it?

The cost is watching someone you love go away for a long period of time where there is little contact as they endure the rigors and hardships of training.

The cost is watching someone you love serve for pay that doesn't always cover what it takes to live a standard of living most civilians enjoy and suffering a financial impact that can negatively alter a military family's prosperity for a lifetime.

The cost is deployment to combat and the hardships of a soldier far from home while in a hostile place.

The cost is a loved one leaving whole but coming home less than whole, physically, mentally or both.

The cost is a a loved one who never returns from a mission and is never found.

The cost is having to take another's life, even if they are the enemy, and living with that the rest of your life.

The cost is watching a close friend die, maybe even holding them in your arms, help less to save them and living a life of remembering that moment and feeling guilty that it wasn't you who died instead of the close friend.

The cost is a family waiting and watching 24 / 7, hoping and praying as they watch daily newscasts about our military personnel dying.

The cost is a knock at the door no family wants but is a special privilege of sacrifice and if not borne by some, then who would bear it?

The cost is family trees altered for all time to come.

The cost is a lifetime of love.

Freedom isn't Free and the cost is high.

The Fourth of July is a special time to celebrate the freedoms we have, hard fought and won at a great cost. Well we all should enjoy this day, and every day we have to live free, for to do less would be to waste the high price paid that we might.

Robert Stokely

proudly remembering my son, SGT Mike Stokely
KIA 16 Aug 05 near Yusufiyah in the Triangle of Death south of Baghdad
US Army E Troop 108 CAV 48th BCT GAARNG
Please think on this father's words as you celebrate your freedom this July 4th.

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Toni said...

Thanks for reposting this Jen~ It was beautiful, but now I must go wipe my eyes and blow my nose!