Thursday, July 26, 2007

Thursday, 13 Signs that Summer is Ending

13 Signs that Summer is Ending
(And, DV isn't even in school yet!!!)

1. IV just gave his final!!!
2. Vacation in North Carolina coming up
3. Uniform sales everywhere
4. Teachers crying (I understand, I used to be one!)
5. Teachers working 80 hour days
6. Kids trying to cram the last 1-2 weeks of summer with all the things they didn't do yet
7. The heat is starting to break (OK, this might be wishful thinking)
8. Preparations for Fall CCD classes have begun (oh yeah, now I am busy with that)
9. Sales on cheap, trendy decorating stuff (dorm life, anyone?)
10. Sales on school supplies, calendars, computers and printers (I am a sale shopper!)
11. IV is getting anxious for the start of that game... what's it called? with the little pointed brown ball....
12. Moms with school age kids have this look... like the finish line is near
13. Kindermusic will be starting again!!!

It's weird- even though I work from home and DV isn't in school yet I feel a little sad as summer ends. I think it's leftover from being a kid- or a teacher- or maybe it's our collective unconscious....

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Special K ~Toni said...

I still have a month to go before the boys go back to school- so I don't feel that summer is winding down yet!

Great list!