Sunday, May 20, 2007

Gone on vacation!

DV and I are going on a big adventure!

Tomorrow morning IV is driving us to Florida, where my parents live, and then we are leaving for California on Wednesday morning. I believe we have to leave my parents' house at the ridiculous time of 2:30 am!!

We are going to visit my grandmother and aunt who live near Santa Cruz, California. We'll be there about a week and then we are staying in Florida for another week.

So it will be an adventure! It's the longest time DV and I have been away from IV since DV was in the NICU in Arizona and IV had to start work here in Alabama.

I'll try to do an occasional update... but expect me to be back to ~daily blogging after June 3!

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Toni said...

Well- I am late! Hope you have a wonderful, and a safe trip!