Thursday, May 17, 2007

Thursday 13 Needed Home Improvements

I saw this meme on Toni's blog and it looked like fun- plus STILL having no voice seems to be dashing my creative powers, so I needed a topic.

Thirteen Needed Home Improvements
A List I hope IV reads, although I promise to do a lot of the work!

1. Screen in breeze way (to protect me from the evil summer mosquitoes and so maybe we can have a cat- a place to put the litter box!)
2. Replace rotting board over breeze way (yes, I think the roof may eventually fall down if we don't)
3. Paint unfinished wood on back porch (hmmm, it may not like the rain being unfinished after 1 year)
4. Power wash green crud growing on shady sides of the house
5. Replace DV's door (someday we might want to close it)
6. Paint baseboards, door frames in our room to match the rest of the room (not that anyone but family sees them.... but still beige and grey-navy are not such a good combo)
7. Replace light fixture in kitchen (ours hangs too low... how about a small fan?)
8. Paint kitchen in a lighter color- I am tired of the grey-navy
9. Cover evil tile in kitchen with linoleum (ugh, the grout is cracking and the tiles too!!!)
10. Do something about the guest bath (yes, we will probably have to hire someone for this! peeling old paint, peeling old fixture coating)
11. Paint dining room (I am still hoping for mint green!)
12. Plant a fruit tree (OK, we have to wait for the right season)
13. Put insulation on the exposed pipes (so we won't have to run water next winter, maybe)

Yes, we have an older home (built in 1952) and we just moved in about a year ago so there are lots of things we still haven't done! I am hoping the summer will give us more time to work on some projects- but IV still has to work so maybe not.


IV said...

Egad, it looks like I've got my work cut out for me!

Numbers 3, 4, 5 & 6 are on my high priority list. Meaning I hope to get to them in the next year or two :)

Toni said...

Haha! IV is funny! I have my honey-do list almost complete- He is taking the next 2(!!) weeks off before deploying, so I have to keep him busy! Nothing as hard as yours thought! Good luck! Glad you played along!

IV said...

Update 5/27/07

No. 6 is done!

No. 5 is in progress, and would be a lot more fun if the replacement door actually fit in the old doorframe...