Wednesday, May 2, 2007

The last box!

So we closed on our house on May 10th of last year.... and moved in at the end of May. Are there any awards for unpacking all of your boxes before one year is out? Because today I unpacked my last box!

It seems like a real accomplishment to me- there were these 3 boxes just hanging around in the garage- all my stuff- and I attempted to unpack them several times. But, for whatever reason I just COULD NOT get myself motivated. Pure laziness???

They were large boxes, by the way- as tall as my waist. And, why was I finally motivated? I wish I could say it was because I am such a neat and organized person (that would not be true.) I have been on this icky diet (more on that in another post) and I have lost ~10 lbs so all of my pants have been falling off. Usually I'm not too particular about how my clothes fit... if you know me you will probably have noticed this (ha, ha.) But, I draw the line at having to pull up my pants all the time in public or risk exposure of my ugly underwear.

So, why did I finally unpack? I wanted some clothes to wear and I was hoping I had saved some too small clothes wishing that one day they would fit. I did find some so at least my hunt was successful. I also found the mate to my leopard house slipper which I have been searching for all winter. It's probably too late in the season to wear it now, but I can keep it for next winter.

About that award? I give it to myself!!! I deserve to go out and buy a new outfit since I so thriftily found all my old clothes and don't have to buy a whole new wardrobe.


Tollett girls said...

Congrats!! On the unpacking and the losing 10 pounds so you have to go unpack! I still have not done either! I have only one box that needs to be unpacked from moving last June and it is decorations and stuff and well it will probably just stay there. :)

Queen Heather said...

You do deserve an award! Last November was a year since we moved in and i still have two boxes of china and crystal because I gave up my china cabinet in the move and have no where to put them in the new house.

Kudos on the 10 lbs! Can't wait to see the new outfit you award yourself with!