Saturday, May 5, 2007

Beaded Dreaming....

Lately, I have been thinking about how to start working while staying at home with DV. First, I started off by applying to adjunct at the university where IV works. Well, that's done for now- the application is submitted and I am just waiting to see if there is a position available for this fall.

Last week I came across an article in the newspaper about a work-at-home direct selling type of opportunity. It involves teaching people how to make jewelry in their homes at parties. I am thinking that this would be the perfect work for me!

I have always wanted to start a business (well, since my second year of graduate school when I learned to make beaded jewelry and realized I enjoyed it too much to afford it as a hobby.) I have been talking about starting an online store to market my beaded jewelry since that time.

Now, with this opportunity to teach people how to make jewelry AND make money I am dreaming again. (The best part is there is very little actual selling- mostly teaching AND the jewelery is actually a great value, I would buy it and I know about all the cheap internet sources!)

Now I am putting together a business plan where I would be teaching at jewelry parties and also making custom jewelry to sell on the internet. I will love it! Best of all, I would still be at home with DV and we would have a little more discretionary income.

So here's hoping it all comes together like I am planning... Beaded Dreaming!!!!

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Queen Heather said...

Good luck with that! It sounds fun!