Tuesday, May 8, 2007

My lap... the target and an almost 2 year old eating cocktail sauce??

Today has been a really fun (although tiring) day. My mother-in-law is visiting so today we went to the mall in the morning/early afternoon and to one of my FAVORITE restaurants for dinner.

Some of you locals may recognize- The Original Oyster House- mmmm- I just love it. It's fun even though there's almost always a wait (mainly because it has a great playground with a small preschool section for DV.) And, their seafood it SO fresh!

I always order the steamed shrimp (OK you have to remove the heads-ick- but they are SO good!) And the salad bar is really great too.

So we get our food- and the waitress comes back to check on us- and she seed DV reaching for the melted butter in a little cup (he has a LONG reach) she tries to grab it and it ends up in my lap. Staining my new pants... sigh butter never comes out... but she is really sweet about it. She brings us some soda water to dab it with and apologizes 10 times. Really, it's no big deal, my fault for wearing my nice pants around DV because he probably would have done the same thing anyway.

The funniest thing though is DV. He was watching IV eat his fried shrimp dipped in cocktail sauce and wanted some for himself. So I told IV to let him have some (assuming of course that a 22 month old wouldn't actually eat it!) But, he loved it! He proceeded to dip his popcorn shrimp in cocktail sauce himself and eat them- getting covered in red along the way (good thing he was wearing an old shirt.)

So we had a lot of fun- even though my nice new pants are probably destined for wear around the house rags... ok I'm sad about that- it's not too often that I can afford a nice pair of pants. But it was worth it! Good thing DV was so cute or I might be mad.


Queen Heather said...

Mmmmm...Oyster house. Yum

That sucks about the pants. I swear Tide gets out anything. Or try that Shout concentrate gel stuff too. Worked wonders on the boy's clothes when they were younger and got food all over their clothes. It even got out grass stains.

One Tired Mom said...

awe man that sucks! But I am glad you had a good day!

Jennie said...

Oh yeah! Thanks Heather! I'll use the Tide- I usually save it for DV's clothes- and I've already applied the Shout hoping that may do the trick!