Saturday, December 6, 2008

DV and Santa!

Today we went to a fort near our home where they were having a Christmas celebration. Lots of people in period costume- doing traditional things like blacksmithing and weaving and showing off their skills on a bugle. DV, IV and I really enjoyed touring the fort- it was the first time we paid admission to get in, we have only admired the outside previously.

DV had refused to get his picture taken with Santa since he was a baby- but amazingly he decided that the colonial Santa was cool! In fact, the Santa was so cool he got down on the ground to get his picture taken with DV and it didn't cost us a thing. DV says he wants to invite Santa to our house.

We have told him Santa is coming- and DV says the only thing he wants is a train table!
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tarable said...

I wish we lived closer. Santa could bring DV the train table we've been storing for the last year. We're thinking about dragging it out again - my 2yo is having a Thomas the Train resurgence.