Saturday, March 22, 2014

Spring vegetables the easy way.... from your local CSA!!!!

I found this great photo today in my facebook feed- you just have to LOVE facebook! My husband swears if you look long enough you can find anything on there.  

It comes from this GREAT CSA located here where I live in Southwest Alabama, Seasons In The Sun.  Actually, I haven't had the pleasure of visiting their farm yet- but I hope to do so soon.  They have a really nice facebook page and are very friendly on the phone.  They also have classes for children (which I like since I have DV) and all levels of adults.

I hope to get out there and visit them soon- they have a working farm with livestock and organically grown vegetables and flowers.  They also deliver CSA baskets to our area- so if you are local check out this website:

Anyone interested in sustainable agriculture on a small or larger scale might like their facebook page which is linked above- and they run contests periodically (which I enter faithfully!)

Enjoy the spring weather friends! And, if you are local and like me avoid the yellow pollen or take an allergy pill- it is THAT time of year :)


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