Saturday, March 22, 2014

Making mistakes... and being a good parent along the way :)

Another way to say the quote above is, you have to break a few eggs to make an omelet.  Ha, ha.

My last post didn't have much about chickens- so I thought I would write another one on this beautiful spring day.

My son, DV, came home from school yesterday with a note from his teacher stating that he was unprepared for class.  It was pretty serious to him- you know, one of those papers that they used to call carbon paper with triplicate copies :)  And, he's in 3rd grade- this was his first one EVER.

He forgot to bring his binder to school! He left it sitting in the living room.  On a recliner.  I told him twice to check his backpack.  He is 8 going on 9..... time to break a few eggs to make an omelet (or a responsible teen/adult.)

Someday, children have to accept responsibility for their own actions.  And I do believe that my job as a mother, although it can be unpleasant is to give him just enough rope to "swing for a while but not hang."  Ha, ha I think I made that one up.

I love my son, unconditionally.  And, sometimes in loving someone we have to let them make their own mistakes so that he/she can learn from their mistakes.  Without ever making a mistake (which I admit would be more pleasant) I think I would be pretty stupid.

Uh, oh.  I meant this post to be about chickens! And, it was about DV and raising kids.... guess I am in a deep thinking mood today.  I am going to call one of my girlfriends and see if she'd like to paint nails or something on this lovely day.

If you want to read about chickens check out this Freedom to Fail in a nice blog which actually IS about chickens!


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