Friday, March 21, 2014

Plans and dreams (of chickens?)

Hello friends,

I will start with this- it is the 3rd Friday during Lent and I attended Mass at our local Catholic Church- and was really, really touched.  My heart was healed today by the readings, the homily, the hymns, and the people.  It's so nice to be able to go to Church and have what you need given to you freely.  I LOVE our community.

But, that is not really what I wanted to share today.  I am planning to start a new hobby.  Or, I am hoping to anyway.  Around here, in southwest Alabama, backyard chickens have become very popular.  I have heard this is true in many parts of the country- and we have a nice large, fenced yard.

I am looking into getting a chicken coop, and run.  We have a medium size dog who mostly lives in the house but also runs in the yard- and does love to chase birds. :)

I have been reading books and joining groups and surfing the internet, in general researching.  Plus, I love birds of all types. And, I did raise chicks ONCE as a child in science class.

So... I checked out a book on gardening and chickens from the library:
And, I have two more coming today from Amazon.  Maybe I'll have some chicks for Easter!!!


PS- If you like chickens, and are interested here is a cool link to a recipe for homemade chicken feed, organic and soy-free.

Homemade Chicken Feed. Organic and soy-free!

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