Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Board Games for a 3-year old!

We have been working lately to reduce our TV consumption. So I discovered the wonderful world of preschool board games! They don't require reading.
We started out with Hi Ho Cherry-O which is a great counting game that DV got as a gift. He loves it SO much we can play multiple times a day. The main point of the game is to spin and get all of your cherries from the tree into the basket- and it requires counting up to 4. Perfect!
Since we were so successful with one game I decided to branch out and we added Candy Land to our selection of board games. This game is a color matching game with some counting to 2- and DV loves it even more than Hi Ho Cherry-O I think because of all the candy!
Another great thing about these games is they are inexpensive (in fact Toys R Us is having a sale this week and they are only $5 a piece) so they are great for any occasion!
Board games work for me! If you need other tips please visit Works-for-me Wednesday at Rocks in My Dryer.


Totallyscrappy said...

Just today we had a roussing game of Sorry. Kids love games!
Maybe Santa will bring you Guess Who! and Chutes and Ladders. Or that cool Oreo came where you match up the cookie sides.

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