Sunday, November 16, 2008

Bye, bye dishwasher!

Our dishwasher died on Thursday. I mean it just refused to function- we think the water pump broke (since no water was going in when it was supposed to be washing!) And it is quite rusty so we think it's old (it came with the house.)

So in addition to hand washing dishes (really it's not that bad for a family of three, except when we decide to make something elaborate like oysters) we have been shopping.

I want a GOOD dishwasher. The one we had (sadly passed away) was so great about getting the dishes clean. I read some online articles and decided the most important components for me are a food grinder, automatic water temperature control, and adjustable tines on the bottom. Not to mention, the more spray heads the better!

So we went shopping at three stores- Sears, Lowes, and Home Depot. I found a few dishwashers which were almost perfect at Lowes and Sears but we found our new dishwasher at Home Depot.

Home Depot has 10% off Maytag appliances right now, which is one of the reasons we selected a Maytag. But the main reason is it met all the requirements- and has three spray heads! It's also $100 less than its Sears competitor and seems more reliable from its reviews. If you're curious it's the Maytag Model MDBH955AWW.

Now we just have to be patient and wait for delivery. It will arrive on Wednesday- and we are planning to install it ourselves. (I'll let you know how that goes.)

I can't wait for my new dishwasher!!!!


tarable said...

Glad to see you posting again.

Congrats on a new DW - it's super easy to install them. Just 2 flexible hoses & plug it in. Of course, mine doesn't have a fancy food grinder or anything. Good luck!

IV said...

I can't wait until it gets here either!

IV said...

UPDATE: Installing dishwasher is evil.

IV said...

UPDATE: Well, it's here! And properly plumbed up.