Thursday, November 20, 2008

Best $170 we ever spent

In an earlier post I said we were going to be installing our new dishwasher... without professional help. It didn't happen. Today we hired a plumber to come in and fix our broken hot water pipe and install the dishwasher. The best $170 we ever spent!

Our problems actually occurred when removing the old- as IV was pulling it out the hot water pipe (which was installed incorrectly using duct tape) the copper pipe snapped. That picture over there shows all that was left of the hot water pipe after it broke.
Of course, the hot water wasn't turned off because it came straight from the floor- not under the sink as we had thought (that valve is for the ice maker.)

So, we had a flood. Today we are washing every single towel in the house. And, we were forced to turn off the hot water. No shower last night and I had to go to work today with dirty hair. Ugh! It's been too cold for a cold shower.
And there was one other scary problem- we had turned off the breaker to the dishwasher, but what we didn't realize was that the previous owners had left live wires not on that circuit under the dishwasher. So when we were dealing with the flood there were also live wires hanging around.
I am just so glad IV and I didn't get electrocuted!!
Next time we mess with an appliance? We are going to hire a professional. And the new dishwasher? It's a thing of beauty!!!!

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IV said...

Yup, I'm glad *that* party's over. Now, what's next?